Mint up to 10 Cardano NFTs

A special reward for delegators of TAILS stake pool. See details
Select how many to Mint.

All ticker names should be unique - you can update existing NFTs in this policy by including them in position 2+

Policy Details

An unlocked policy allows you to mint more NFT under the same policy and burn if needed.
The ability to re-use a policy is tied to the exact receiving address.
You should select either Save this Policy or Lock Policy not both.
You can Save a Policy and have it open forever by not checking anything else.
You can save a policy and have it valid for a year by checking both Save and 1 Year Policy.

Metadata - Replace our URL and Twitter with yours below.

LEFT CLICK - it opens in a new window

If you need help, reach out at one of these locations: Telegram or Twitter


Burn Address: addr1vyvd4yvf4zqwvlv5yhpg3kc8955kuxq6xagej5sz3p08atqpw8jwa
A NFT Metadata example and guide
Example of Metadata showing multiple items
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How can I check if I'm elegible?
View your wallet using
Click on the stake key at the top of the website.
The full stake key is listed in the URL after
Check this page to see if you are listed: TAILS Delegators